Возврат денег в случае, когда брокер оказался мошенником.

How to get back money from a fraud broker.

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Everyone investing in various Internet projects realizes that it is really easy to invest money, but it is incredibly difficult to get it back.  Forex and binary options frauds are one of the most common topics that are popular on the Internet today.

Tricksters regularly find new ways to defraud clients’ money. The number of defrauded depositors is regularly rising, that is why a question of money refund from frauds is really current. And we know that the money can really be recovered.

help me get my money back

Chargeback details, how to get back your money

Investors who have lost huge amounts of money on Forex are unaware of Chargeback special features. Chargeback is a procedure that allows finance refund. This is a process of payment cancel based on a dishonest service or product. Visa and Mastercard payment systems provided Consumers protection in such moments.

According to the working regulation of Visa and Mastercard systems, in the case of the client`s dissatisfaction with the services quality and if the client can provide concrete evidence that services do not correspond to those stated in the agreement, the money is debited from the brokerage account, the latter’s consent is not required.

Self-determined attempts to initiate a chargeback are often unsuccessful.  You can contact the bank that issued your card, but take into account some important details:

  • bank representatives will convince you that this procedure is not effective, there is no point in request submitting. This is their strategy to get rid of difficult problems;
  • there are employees who do not know about the existence of this procedure. Definitely they won’t be able to help you.

Difficulties that appear at the moment of self-submitting of a request for Chargeback realization:

  1. Problems with studying of the Visa and Mastercard IPS regulations. The user agreement is about 200 pages, it is difficult to cope with it on your own and find the right points there.
  2. To compose the text of the request correctly. If you act tritely, the bank will simply refuse to accept such request.
  3. Communication problems with employees. Some employees are convinced that this procedure is not effective, and it is impossible to get back money that has already been transferred from the card.
  4. Control of your case legal investigation. Bank employees know many stunts to delay the process. You should do everything in order to control the bank work.
  5. Bank refusal. Refusal to the first claim is not always the final decision. In most situations, you can raise a corresponding objection.

Follow the professionals who will definitely help you to perform the chargeback correctly.

help me get my money back

When is it possible to get money refund through Chargeback?

Ideal cases to take advantage of the Chargeback procedure and get your money back:

  • broker refuses to siphon off your assets;
  • broker has blocked your personal area, closed an account;
  • the manager has blown the deposit, you could also do it yourself, following the analyst’s advice;
  • there are some bonuses on the account, but you are unable to get them;
  • manager guarantees the processing of your request, but you have to pay a large amount of money;
  • consultants are not in touch, they do not answer your questions.

If you faced such unpleasant situations, you need to act quickly and decisively.

The Chargeback procedure demands the following conditions:

  1. Less than 540 days have passed since the last transfer to a broker.
  2. All transfers were made from Visa and Mastercard cards to the company’s account as a legal entity.
  3. Client did not try to initiate the Chargeback procedure on his own.

Remember: the chargeback procedure can be initiated only once, that is why you should entrust to professionals.

The principle of Chargeback procedure

Almost all brokers work unlicensed, which automatically makes them frauds. There is no real commercial business on Forex, these projects are created on the principle of a pyramid scheme, clients’ money immediately goes offshore. Internal charts and transactions of projects are just a beautiful picture, they do not enter the international market.

However, there is a company that specializes in money return from brokers — Unicorn company.  They start their work with license verification of a brokerage organization. This fact allows to collect a respectable evidence base to convict «brokers» of a fraud.

help me get my money back

Special features of Unicorn company

To start with it should be mentioned that the owner and founder of Unicorn, Andrey Smirnov, lost $ 60,000 on Forex in 2015.  He made many attempts to get his money back, but nothing helped.  Appeals to police, complaints to broker’s representatives or regulator came to nothing.  But on the other hand, searching for his funds return he found out that there was the chargeback procedure, really relevant and working method.

Andrey failed to get his money back, as too much time had been spent looking for an effective way to solve the problem.  However, in June 2015, he worked in practice the first Chargeback — it was $ 16,000 return for his friend, one day they invested together in PAMM accounts.

Andrey decided that he could help other people too. He has assembled a team, for several years it has been successfully returning lost investments to residents of various countries through the use of the Chargeback procedure.  There are already over 1000 fraud sites on the company’s list.

Unicorn is the unique company that conveyed the information on chargeback to Internet users.  Previously, no one believed that it was possible to return money from broker’s accounts.

help me get my money back

Service of money refund from Unicorn professionals

  1. Making-out of the evidence base consisting in every fact that can confirm the fraud fact on the part of the broker.
  2. Attempt to solve the problem peacefully. A broker receives a letter demanding to refund assets without investigation with the bank.
  3. Formulation of the unique author`s requirement. The company works with each client individually, because it is necessary to draw up an appeal in accordance with the current situation.
  4. Priority terms of service. Our own procedure department prepares outgoing packages of documents 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The maximum term of application filing to the bank after data processing is 3 days.
  5. Unicorn does not accept refusals from the issuing bank. There are many ways to challenge a bank’s decision, and in each situation the company goes to the result.

First of all, the entire package of documents for chargeback is submitted to the issuing bank.  And he transfers it further along the chain: to the bank confirming the swift, and then to the acquirer bank (the bank that has accepted the payment).

Why will the acquiring bank definitively consider such documents and will try to help the injured party? Nobody wants to have license problems from Visa and Mastercard. Unicorn specialists command a huge base of compromising evidence on various brokers that are actively operating on the Internet today.

The broker cheating the trader can do nothing in this situation. Money from his accounts will be debited compulsorily and transferred directly to the client’s card.

Unicorn really carries out its obligations. It has helped many traders who have suffered from the activities of unscrupulous brokers. Unicorn experts always guarantee the efficiency and safety.  All customer data is stored on secure servers, there is no access to customer payment cards.

Dear gentlemen if you are in an unfortunate situation and have lost your money from a broker, or a broker-trickster blew your deposit, or you accidentally got on a scam in binary options, Forex or Casino, do not despair!  You still have a proven, legal and reliable way to get your money back!  This is the Chargeback procedure.  You can initiate the chargeback by using the services of our refund partners.  Just follow the link of the partner’s website, study his services and get free consultations!
help me get my money back


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