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Any trader, beginner or professional, is always interested in the main question – how to make money on options? Naturally, everyone has one or another strategy which they use for their trade, or at least knows and realizes how to use it. But what else is very important in profitable options trading? Let us tell you a little secret: a quality trading platform is one of the key aspects of profitable trading! And that is why we trade with the reliable broker Olymp Trade and use the trading platform from Olymp Trade. And now we will tell you why only that platform and why only this broker.

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In this article, we will focus on the description of the trading terminal, because the better you know it, the faster and more accurate your actions will be. Also, you will more clearly understand where and what functional aspects are located and how to work with them. The terminal is really very fast and simple, but nevertheless we will devote an entire article to it. Why did our favorite broker Olymp Trade make us a reliable trading terminal then?

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Firstly, let’s look at the general view of the terminal and briefly at its main elements:

OlympTrade. Let's start trading options.

Let’s analyze all the most important parts of the terminal by numbers

  1. At the top left we see an icon in the form of three bars – this is a drop-down menu.
    OlympTrade. Let's start trading options.

Available to us is a summary of the account and the main sections. You can see your deposit, withdrawal history, transactions, profile, education and analytics sections.

  1. When you click – a window opens where you see all the tools which you can work in the Olymp Trade terminal. They are at the moment: Currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, indices, commodities, assets of the well-known companies. As you see the Company Olymp Trade made sure that you have the opportunity to try yourself in various fields.
    OlympTrade. Let's start trading options.

You need to put a “tick” next to the asset that will be displayed at the top, in the current and available assets (this is number 6 in our diagram with the numbers). Also, you can immediately see the profitability and availability of the asset at any given time. There is a view that in different days and different times, availability and profitability are different! Keep an eye out for it.

The number of assets of the Olymp Trade terminal impresses even the most experienced trader – there are just a lot of assets!

  1. This icon allows you to switch the display of the chart. For you, Olymp Trade has provided a display in the form of:

OlympTrade. Let's start trading options.

– a line. It is convenient for easy analysis of price trend

– Japanese Candlesticks. It is convenient for a detailed understanding of the price movement

– Heiken-ASHI Candles. They require some training, but for experienced traders – will indicate the direction of the price more reliably

– Bars. The same candles but look different (for an amateur)

Perhaps there is no need for more. Every whim is already taken into account on the platform!

  1. What should be a lot on the platform? What do all traders love without exception? Of course they do love indicators and oscillators! And the Olymp Trade company takes care of it by including a set of actual indicators in the terminal. We would like to note that they are displayed beautifully and have different (parametric and visual) settings. You only need to scroll up or down the list and add the indicator either to the chart or to the area below the chart as you can seen in our diagram. The number of indicators provided in the Olymp Trade terminal is impressive! You will be satisfied.
    OlympTrade. Let's start trading options.
  2. Current asset and its status. There’s nothing to add here
  3. The range of your chosen trading assets. It is used to quickly switch between them.
  4. and 9. Buttons “compression” or “stretching” of the chart horizontally. They are used in the case when the candles are too thin and can not be seen with the time frame fitting on the screen will decrease. Or you can compress the diagram to see a very large time frame on the screen.

OlympTrade. Let's start trading options.

  1. OlympTrade. Let's start trading options.An important button is to change the “time frame” or time interval of one candle. When you click the drop-down menu and you choose how you want to see your chart. The smaller the interval, the more clearly visible the movement of the asset price is. The larger the interval, the longer it is necessary to open trades, as each candle will last longer. You need to handle this yourself. The main thing is that the Olymp Trade terminal allows you to do it!
  2. In the process you can move the chart to the right and left and just lose the current value on the screen. By clicking on the arrow, you are instantly transferred to the “end” of the chart, that is at the current moment and can clearly start trading!
  3. The window which the chart is located. In this example, in our diagram we can see that the parabolic SAR indicator is located on the chart. And directly below the chart is the MACD indicator with the parameters that we can observe (circle number 16 on the chart). And also close the indicator (circle №14)
  4. OlympTrade. Let's start trading options.By clicking on the button – the menu appears and you can switch between a DEMO and a real account. Olymp Trade has provided a Demo account in case for some reason when you have “overtraded” and you need to “cool down” and trade for a demo, or try out new strategies!
  5. It’s very simple – two buttons. Deposit or Withdraw the required amount. Go further.
  6. The button allows you to close the indicator window quickly and to release the field for drawing the chart.
  7. Field below the chart allows you to view the current orders, closed and open, and displays information on the orders made by the trader
  8. Information line about the active indicator. Each open indicator has its own line of information about it.
  9. Tabs for switching the information field.

Well, that’s all about it. Now you can quickly and confidently make trades in the terminal of a reliable broker Olymp Trade. And we are sure that your operations will be profitable! For this purpose we have written more articles about indicators and trading strategies!

All the best and see you in Olymp Trade!

OlympTrade. Let's start trading options.

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