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Positive features of the brokerage company OlympTrade.

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The brokerage company uses its own platform for trading options. Because of this, they have a great opportunity as they do not have to depend on other platform developers. In addition, it allows the broker to respond as quickly as possible to changes in the market situation, improving existing technologies and creating new ones.

Positive features of the brokerage company OlympTrade.

The interface can be described as friendly. The speed of response to any trading actions is at a high level. Regarding the asset charts, it is worth saying that they are clear and the trader has the opportunity to adjust them relative to their preferences.

Our company has repeatedly tested this platform for compatibility using a variety of browsers – the results were stable operation on the platform.

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Applications for mobile devices.

If desired, the user has the opportunity to use, absolutely free, applications for mobile devices that operate on the basis of the Android operating system or IPhone. These applications are excellent and convenient tools for trading process of options on OlympTrade. These types of applications are fully functional on the trading platform, as well as have efficient, affordable performance. As for the latter, much depends on how fast the Internet is that is used. We do not use these applications in the process of daily activities and for this reason limited testing was carried out in narrow mode. Significant disadvantages were not found.

Positive features of the brokerage company OlympTrade.

The minimum deposit amount OlympTrade

The minimum deposit is only $10. It is worth paying attention to the fact that this is the smallest deposit compared to other options brokerage companies.

The brokerage company provides great opportunities for those who have recently come into this field of activity and begin their work with a minimum deposit amount. Traders have a great opportunity to get the necessary skills and knowledge by working on micro-loans, conducting minimum trades of $1.

From our point of view, OlympTrade is an excellent choice in this case. You can get the necessary skills and knowledge for trading and at the same time work with absolutely no big risks. When a certain level is reached and the number of profitable trades exceeds the number of unprofitable ones, then you can proceed to more radical actions and start large amounts of deposits, as well as trades.

You can deposit in OlympTrade by the following ways indicated below:

  • Plastic cards service systems Visa and MasterCard
  • Bank transfer
  • Popular electronic money

Training account on OlympTrade.com

Positive features of the brokerage company OlympTrade.Brokerage company OlympTrade allows traders to take advantage of a training account called demo. The positive side is that you do not need to provide your own data during the registration of a demo account. As for other brokerage companies, it is mandatory condition to enter your data. In addition, quite often there are brokers who insist that traders immediately replenish their deposit for a certain amount.

In the process of creating a demo account with the broker OlympTrade, the trader is given a certain amount of special (virtual) trading funds in their balance. It is enough to thoroughly study all the functions of the trading platform. For more information – see the company’s website

This makes the demo account from OlympTrade above-the-rest and unique in the field of options. This is a great opportunity for beginners to get acquainted with all the fundamental points of options and at the same time minimize risk of their own funds.

Bonuses of the brokerage company, as well as application and testing

As for bonuses they are provided, but the bonus policy is constantly changing. You can find the exact current information about bonuses on the company’s website

Concerning the withdrawal of funds from the broker OlympTrade, it is possible to withdraw using system resources. For example, let’s imagine a situation when the deposit is replenished through the well-known Webmoney platform. This means that you can withdraw money only through it. In addition, it is very important to focus on the fact that the withdrawal is not just on Webmoney, namely on the account from which the replenishment was carried out.

This condition remains relevant for all existing payment systems. At the same time it does not matter if it is a card, cryptocurrency or a bank account.

The time frame for processing the withdrawal request is about 3 working days. The duration depends on the type of account. For the entire period of work there were no cases of exceeding this period. Despite this, I would like to recommend that if the holidays are upon us, the funds for withdrawal would be complete as soon as possible. The thing is that just before the holidays, traders are trying to withdraw earnings and therefore a large number of applications are sent, overloading the system, which in turn leads to some minor delays.

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All about OlympTrade trader support

If you look carefully, the question of support sometimes plays a major role in the process of selecting a brokerage company. OlympTrade really cares about its clients and does everything possible to facilitate their work and increase the level of comfort and quality of service. In this regard, several types of support were introduced simultaneously, namely:

  • Ability to communicate with a personal manager
  • Telephone line
  • Communications via e-mail
  • Chat online
  • Support tickets system located in the trading panel.
  • Our support team only works at the highest level, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Positive features of the brokerage company OlympTrade.

Types of assets at OlympTrade

That’s how smoothly we moved on to the issue of assets. The broker provides the opportunity to trade on the basis of more than 60 types of assets which there are currency pairs, indices, raw materials and, of course, cryptocurrency. The list of assets can increase, you can see details on the broker’s website or directly on the trading terminal. As practice shows, the list of assets that we have today is enough to work successfully. There are such types of assets that have a high level of volatility. Here we are talking mainly about currency pairs, and in particular the Euro/Dollar.

Positive features of the brokerage company OlympTrade.

Trading training

As for the offer that is given to traders at OlympTrade , it is an opportunity to undergo quality training consisting of educational video instructions, e-books, as well as webinars on the topic of doing activities and strategies that are carried out systematically.

Own impression of this broker

After getting acquainted with the brokerage company OlympTrade, there has been an opinion formed and it is the following – this is the most suitable brokerage company for those who are just starting to work in the field of options trading.

Positive features of the broker:

  • it is great for those who are just starting to work in this field
  • low risks
  • possibility to use demo account
  • bonuses
  • the lowest possible deposit amount is only $10
  • the lowest possible trade amount is equal to $1
  • The level of profitability of options is about 90%
  • The refund amount is from 45% to 60%
  • the possibility to use the demo account is absolutely free
  • the trading platform is very clear and easy to operate
  • if desired, you can use special applications; designed for a variety of types of gadgets
  • Our support team only works at the highest level, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • the presence of a special application for devices running on the operating system iOS or Android
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OlympTrade is a category “A” broker of the International Financial Commission. Membership in the Financial Commission is an honorable status, which is given only to reliable and honest companies, which have repeatedly proved the high quality of services provided up to € 20,000 refund amount

Basic information about the risks:

Each type of activity has its own risks, and options trading is not an exception to the rule. There are significant risks here, and there may be an absolute loss of available funds on deposit. In this regard, not all investors think this activity is profitable. Experts strongly recommend not to invest in trading those funds, the loss of which can lead to undesirable consequences. Before you start trading, you must first set yourself main investment objectives and understand what risks will accompany the process of trading options.

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Positive features of the brokerage company OlympTrade.

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