The advantages of a reliable broker Binomo.

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Binomo occupies a leading position in an international popularity ranking of online trading platforms with fixed “High/Low” contracts. The reason is that the company responds to the real needs of today’s target audience. Different categories of traders find the platform beneficial for cooperation – especially beginners, but advanced traders as well. In this article, we will review the main advantages of the platform from the point of view of its users.

Effective training

Task #1 for all beginners is training. A significant percentage of company users fall into this category. Therefore, Binomo has created the most favorable conditions for learning to trade from scratch. Anyone can become a professional, regardless of their initial level of knowledge in this field or how much money they have.

  • Free training. A demo account with a balance that can be replenished an unlimited number of times. Video lessons. Answers to frequently asked questions about general use of the platform. Simple strategies with step-by-step instructions.
  • Paid training. Following a unique program developed individually for each user and taking into account all factors.

Virtually all the training is free. However, training under the guidance of a mentor with access to exclusive strategies is offered only to VIP users. This status is assigned to all users who have deposited $1,000 or more in the system.

Minimum requirements to start

You can credit your real account with 10 dollars or more. In other currencies, the requirement is the same but using the approximate equivalent at the current exchange rate. Moreover, the minimum contract cost is $1.

The rules of money management strongly recommend that traders not exceed the investment limit of 5% of the account balance. The optimal contract cost is 1% or less. Based on this rule, you can calculate the minimum recommended amount to start real trading, which is $20, and the optimal deposit for beginners is $100 or more.

Terminal functionality

The advantages of a reliable broker Binomo.

Binomo offers a proprietary platform. In comparison with standard solutions, of which there are an abundance of available on the market, its functionality is much broader. The company’s terminal is adapted for short-term trading on second time frames.

  1. Indicators. The most popular oscillators, volatility indices, and trend indicators are available – a total of 14 items.
  2. Chart tools. Lines, channels, beams, grids, special auto-figures – more than 20 solutions.
  3. Visual analysis. Free movement and scaling of the chart, 4 construction modes – Japanese candles, line, “mountain,” and bars.
  4. Fundamental analysis. Economic calendar with the latest news. Forecasts for events, a list of dependent currency pairs, recommendations for traders.

A unique advantage of Binomo is the special trading asset CRYPTO IDX. This is a cryptocurrency index, characterized by stable volatility and high accuracy of signals on second charts. CRYPTO IDX is available around the clock and is among the top five most popular trading instruments among traders.

Quick payouts

The processing time of payments varies from a few hours to 3 days according to the regulations. The higher the level of the account, the faster funds are withdrawn.

  • STANDARD – within 3 days;
  • GOLD – within 24 hours;
  • VIP – within 2-4 hours.

Requests are processed around the clock, including weekends and holidays. The maximum amount for one request is $200, but there is no limit on the number of requests.

Individual approach to clients

The higher category of users, starting at the GOLD level, are given more privileges. This involves, firstly, accelerated processing of requests by the support service. Secondly, they are given access to exclusive trading strategies with an increased percentage of signal permeability. Thirdly, if the week is unsuccessful, then a request can be sent to support to receive compensation for losses. Finally, the company’s managers offer various individual offers to premium users. They can include, for example, a 100% bonus for crediting any amount, or insured transactions, etc.

Traders tournaments

For beginners, tournaments are an opportunity for risk-free trading in actual conditions with a real chance to earn money in your real account (60 prize places). More experienced, confident traders can participate in paid competitions with prize funds from $1,500 to $70,000. Beginners are encouraged to try their hand at the daily free contest with a prize fund of $300. Being one of 60 winners and getting about $2-5 is realistic even for beginners.

The advantages of a reliable broker Binomo.

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