Why choose broker EXPERTOPTION?

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Users are attracted to different brokers for a variety of reasons. From the superficial such as a stylisation to the more tangible, including; asset availability, familiarity with deposit and withdrawal methods to recommendations from friends and acquaintances. With over 15 million users worldwide, ExpertOption has rapidly become one of the most trusted names in digital options since launch in 2014. The platform offers many of the most sought after features traders look for when choosing a broker, combined with many which are unique to ExpertOption.

Expert Option - reliable broker review.

Popular Features

The numerous features are no doubt a key advantage for many ExpertOption traders, the number of options provides more choice and control over the whole trading experience. Some of the most popular features include;

  • Why choose broker EXPERTOPTION?$10,000 Free Demo.
  • Fast Deposit and Easy Withdrawal
  • User Friendly Interface.
  • Social Trading – allowing users to follow and copy the strategies of other traders in real-time.
  • Customizable Strike Rates.
  • Cancel Deal’s.
  • Chart Types & Indicators – the most popular and effective forms of analysis are available.
  • Educational materials and video tutorials.
  • 100+ Tradable Assets.
  • Fast KYC.
  • Fully Licensed and Regulated.
  • 24/7 Support.

Free $10,000 Demo

One of many very significant advantages afforded by ExpertOption is the Free $10,000 Demo Account, which is easily accessible in a single click without registration. This alone is a major reason many traders are first attracted to ExpertOption over other brokers, who make their demo accounts inaccessible.


Deposit and Withdrawal

ExpertOption traders can expect to see some of the most popular and widely used payment methods available for deposit and withdrawal. This is a very common reason for traders to join ExpertOption, as each region is catered to with geographically relevant payment solutions. This is a significant advantage to traders, who can use familiar payment systems with reduced fees due to the locality. Some of those payment methods are; Visa, Mastercard, Wire Transfer, UnionPay, Skrill, Neteller, E-Payments, Cryptocurrencies and many more. . Video

Unrivalled UI

The user interface of any broker is particularly important as it is a traders main point of interaction with the platform, having an interface which is not only easy to navigate but also intuitive has always been a primary concern of the devs at ExpertOption, and this fact shines through when interacting with the platform in any capacity.

Trading Instruments

ExpertOption is renowned for providing access to a huge number of assets for trading. Ultimately this is a defining characteristic of any broker, and an area which peaks the interest of all traders. ExpertOption currently provides users with numerous currencies, cryptocurrencies, stocks and commodities to trade with, OTC is also active when the markets are closed – allowing users to trade 24/7.


When joining a broker, a trader would take into account the chance of profitability. How possible is it to earn? What are the payout percentages? With ExpertOption traders can earn up to 200% profit in only 30 Seconds. Such ability to earn is unmatched by other rival brokers, which further explains the growing popularity of ExpertOption and why they’ve accumulated more than 15 millions users.


Regulatory Information

Often overlooked, company regulation is an indication that a broker can be trusted. One of the advantages of ExpertOption is that it is fully regulated and licensed by the VFSC, allowing the company to provide financial and trading services to its global audience. Currently available in almost every conceivable region, including; India, China, South Africa, Brazil, UK and other EU countries. Plans have also been outlined to expand operations to currently unsupported regions.

Why choose broker EXPERTOPTION?

Fast KYC

Verification is a necessary undertaking for all brokers as obligated by industry regulators, in order to withdraw funds – the identity of a trader must always be confirmed. Luckily ExpertOption ensures this process is as fast and efficient as possible. Documents can be uploaded directly from the platforms profile section, whilst the compliance departments aims to complete document reviews within 2 business days.

Customer Service

For many traders having adequate support is one of the most important services a broker can provide, particularly for new users – be they new to the platform or new to trading in its entirety. Fortunately ExpertOption provides its users with access to the customer support department 24/7, by email, live chat, contact form and phone. Having such easily accessible support can be a massive advantage to all traders, any doubts, queries or concerns can be addressed directly and instantly.

Final Analysis

So there we have it, just some of the reasons traders are flocking to ExpertOption in record numbers. Not only do they provide numerous advantages through countless features, but the focus of the company on the user experience, which is highlighted by the wonderful UI shows their commitment to all traders who join. Further supported by the plentiful deposit and withdrawal methods with increased peace of mind provided by proper licensing and fast kyc procedures.

So if you’re looking for a new broker or are completely new to trading, ExpertOption is a name you can rely upon to deliver the best possible trading experience, for the reasons outlined and many more. If this article has peaked your interest contact the company direct to discuss your trading future.

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Expert Option - reliable broker review.

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Why choose broker EXPERTOPTION?

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